Knights of St Columba, Enfield

Welcome to the Knights of Saint Columba – Council 572 in Enfield, United Kingdom. We are one of the many Councils of the Catholic organisation which seeks to promote fraternal love and charity. Although founded in Glasgow Scotland in the year 1919, the Knights of Saint Columba is the largest of its kind in Britain.

The organisation draws its name from the missionary Saint Columba of Ireland, who helped to bring the Christian faith to the people of Northern Britain.

We are dedicated to the principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity and have more than 4,000 members in over 300 Councils across England, Scotland and Wales. Membership is limited to men who faithfully practise Catholicism and are aged 16 or over.

As a religious organisation, we support the doctrine as well as the missionary work of the Holy Catholic Church and in the same vein work for the spiritual and material wellbeing of members and their families.

We are a founding member of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights. (I.A.C.K.)


a quick shot of member knights
A quick shot of member Knights at the Jubilee Dinner

Our Belief
We believe and follow the social teachings of the Catholic Church, its work for the moral and social welfare of communities and in particular its support in the development of young people. Our members strive to achieve all these objectives through charity, unity and fraternity.


To learn more about us, please send us an email to the following:mail@ksc572.org.uk. Alternatively, read more about our projects and initiatives on the Events page