KSC 572 - Monthly Reflection

Service to Others
For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45a RSV)
Jesus Christ came not be served, but to serve. And this is what everyone who has authority over other people ought to be saying; this is what pure ministry is. Those whom we appear to command, we should in reality be serving. We must suffer their imperfections, lift them up gently and patiently when they fall, and wait for them to follow along God’s path. We must become all things to everyone and think of ourselves as having been made for them.

We need to humble ourselves in order to gently speak the most needed corrections. We must give up in discouragement. Instead, we need to ask God to change their heart – something we cannot do ourselves.

So examine yourself with respect to the people who have been given to you to care for, and whom you bear responsibility in the sight of God.

- GK, Bro Benjamin Agwunobi  


New Members
All men over 16 who are practicing Catholics are welcome to join us. Council 572 is a very active Council and welcomes men who wish to be involved in the meetings, church services, social activities and fund raising events. If this is what you are looking for and would like to know more about the Knights of Saint Columba, kindly mail us directly using our contact page, or the following email address: mail@ksc572.org.uk